Monday, September 19, 2011

WINGS BY Aprilynne Pike**Review **

 "WINGS" By Aprilynne Pike

In this extraordinary tale of magic and intrigue, romance and danger, everything you thought you knew about faeries will be changed forever.  
294 pages
Published by Harper Teen

Romance,Faeries, and Trolls

When I picked up The book from the bookshop it was because I loved the cover. The cute flower shaped wings and beautiful colors just brought me in, Then I read that back and I was so happy it was about faeries.

I automatically jumped in the car and started to read but sadly a Couple chapters in I was wishing the speed would pick up to the good stuff. I still held on tho and was happy that half way through I was getting what i was dying for. Real but mythical teenage romance,She loves the human but loves someone just like her,fighting and an amazing spin to what the faerie world is. 

 Favorite character is Tamani.Cute, tall and soft face.  I Love his witty charm and how he stood up for what he wanted and it was laurel. He didnt care about David and still flirted with her right in front of his face.

Favorite part was when he expressed his undying love and how i could feel him just pull her in and tell her everything. How she made a promised to try to remember and because of her he became a strong sentry. I Love how he will not let her go even tho she is with David.

I really do think this book was an opening to her collection. The way it picked up makes me think the next book spells will be amazing now that we know what Luarel is. I adored the book very much and will be picking up the next one.

I wonder who she is with David the human who can deal with and keep a secret about her faerie life or Tamani her Faerie friend she was forced to forget and whos madly in love with her and determined to have her back.

well lets see in the next book spells.

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