Hi, My names Tiffany and im 23. I live in California.
A world full of fairies, Vampires, witches and sneaky gnomes.
Well at least i wish i did. Im Just your every day girl with her nose stuck in a book & trying to show everyone else out there life not about tvs and video games.

My dream is to expand my blog to help home school students and other book lovers all over the world have a place to find everything they want about ya books
Fun Facts about me: I am a belly dancer. Inspiring artist & Photography. happily taken.

Something you would never believe about me: I have dextrocardia sitrus inversus, which means that my heart is on the right side of my body and i found out at 23. Its not deadly and im still learning about this and the effects of it on my body. (The R in the corner mean right shoulder) If you have any questions about it just ask.

Well enough about me.If you enjoy Books too come follow my YA Blog


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