Thursday, September 29, 2011


"The Morganville Vampire {Book 1 Glass house  & The Dead Girls Dance)" By Rachel Caine

452 pages
published by NAL TRADE

Morganville vampires book 1 is my favorite vampire book now in the world and i want the entire series.I found myself on my tip toes not wanting to put this book down. There was everything I expected from the begging.Forbidden love, detrimental adventure and it was just straight out hilarious at times. Rachel Caine blew all vampire books out of the water with this series. Its an amazing twist to the vampire world.

Morganvillie Vampires was put together buy gradually pulling you in and giving you the perfect speed of thrill and excitement behind every page.

Morganville isnt your average town and wait tell their new prodigy at the college gets under all the vampires skins with her new room mates.
Micheal secretly cant leave his home during the day but everyone first thinks hes always gone
or sleeps late.
Shane is just a stubborn lazy boy whose come back to Morganville for Micheal supposedly turns out
he had another reason and a plan.
eve a friendly yet bitchy goth just wants things her way and has a past that will eventually
creep up on why she  doesn't live with her parents.

I very much enjoyed this book from the forbidden romance between Shane and Claire to the
nonstop detrimental adventure of running Morganville trying to keep there butts alive
because you never know whose going to die or even become one of the blood suckers, but even though they get mad at each other they will go as far as possible and do everything they can to save
each other. 

If your looking for a stand on edge, laugh your butt off vampire book pick this one up and its many
many other books in the Morganville Vampires series. I'm looking forward to purchasing the whole shebang!!


  1. Nice book review! I know this series but I never try it! Your blog is pretty nice, love your button pic and the background! New GFC Followers :)

  2. thank you. Im pretty new buy i love my blog. my life is like wrapped around it now!!

  3. Love this review! I just posted my review of it on my page! Check is out and we can discuss it more? :D



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